hist-brewing: chocolate

Gregory Rehm greg at turnpoint.net
Thu Dec 2 22:43:10 PST 1999

Chocolate is made with quite a bit of cocoa butter.  The squares probably
have more than the powder.  Any source of oils/lipids/fats in beer/ale is
potentially a two-fold problem.

Problem one:  They mess up the head.  I like a good head on my ale/beer.
Problem two:  Oils/fats can go rancid.  Rancid oil beer - sounds pretty

Gregory Rehm

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From: Jennifer Helfer <mailorder at vitamincottage.com>

> My boyfriend and I recently started homebrewing. We did a chocolate orange
> stout. The Joy of Homebrewing recommended using the chocolate bakers
> squares. Our local homebrew store recommended using the powdered bakers
> cocoa because of the oils that are left by the squares. Which is better?
> Does it matter? Any comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Jennifer   Golden, Co

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