hist-brewing: Apple cider

B.R. Rolya br at interport.net
Thu Dec 2 08:48:45 PST 1999

I follow a very similar procedure that Corwyn uses to produce a quick fix
of hard cider.  Generally, I've had good luck with the procedure and even
had one "batch" become wonderfully dry and clear gold in color after
several months in the refrigerator.  If you use this method, be sure to buy
cider that has no preservatives.  I usually drink a glass of cider when I
first get it to allow for a little headspace in the container.  I then,
unlike Corwyn, put the jug immediately in the refrigerator and leave it
alone for a week or so, venting it every now and then.

Obviously, you can't get the same results as you would by introducing
specific yeasts or by selecting certain types of apples, but it's an easy
alternative for an everyday cider.

Malted Barley Appreciation Society
New York, NY

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