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You need to start with good apples.
A mixture of sweet and tart arr the best.  Red and gold delicious, Granny Smith,
Braebury, Gala, etc.  You need the tart apples with the acids to balance the
sweet apples.  It also adds complexity of flavor and a nice roundness.
Woodchuck and others do not add extra sugars to ferment, they will add sugars
after ferment (and stabilization, either sorbastat or pasturization).
Red Star Cote de Blanc is a nice easy good yeast to use.
Sugars   1.040 to 1.060    Acid   .8 to 1.0 titrate as tartaric.

Mash the apples into a pulp (pomace), then let sit and brown slightly.  Then
press the pomace in a wine or fruit press.   A food processor will not do.
Some cidermakers will add the browning thru caramel colors.

Hope this can get you started.

Bowen MacTarbh wrote:

> Greetings unto the list;
>      A friend recently introduced me to alcoholic apple cider, a brand
> called woodchuck. I now turn to the list for information on brewing a good
> sweet apple cider.
>                                              Respectfully;
>                                              Bowen
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