hist-brewing: Re.:Greetings

Sean Richens srichens at sprint.ca
Wed Dec 1 20:10:34 PST 1999

Well, that sounds like a case of terminal integrity.

I would look for organically grown fruit.  You don't specify if your are
actually in a primitive tropical setting or if you are trying to simulate
same.  Grapes and apples straight from the vineyard/orchard have quite
respectable yeast on their skins (that purplish "bloom" that you don't find
on supermarket fruit).  I've seen cider that would pass for red wine made
just by crushing apples and letting them sit in a warm dark place.

If you want something more beery, you could crush some malt and throw it
into water with some hops (maybe 2 lbs malt and 5 g hops per US gallon) and
add some additional starch after a week or so.  I've made African
traditional beer this way but I cheated by adding some bread yeast.  You
could try sourdough starter if you're brave.  Malt has some fairly sour
bacteria on it as well as some fairly putrid stuff.  If you're not too pure
to use a thermometer you might try a sour mash process - look at Papazian's
books or other web postings on the subject.

Hey, let us know how it goes!


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