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> I now turn to the list for information on brewing a good 
>  sweet apple cider.

How I brew hard cider.

1. I visit Skytop Orchard, a reputable producer, and buy a gallon or two of 
sweet cider. They use picked apples rather than windfall and they remember to 
wash their hands. This avoids most of the chances for E.Coli contamination.

2. I put the still sealed jugs of cider in the kitchen, but NOT in the 
refrigerator After a couple of days the jugs swell with accumulated CO2.... 
this indicates the wild yeasts are doing their wonderful work.

3. I put the jug in the refrigerator now, and wait about a week, venting 
occasionally by unscrewing the cap a bit and letting gas escape. Sometimes I 
squeeze the jug a bit and then seal it again. 

4. I drink the hard cider in the course of the next month. It tends to get a 
bit vinegary towards the end. Usually I end up putting the last of it into my 
vinegar jug and adding some unpasturized apple cider vinegar to get a good 
mother started.

Certainly most of this flies in the face of conventional wisdom. I'm 
extraordinarily lucky to have a good orchard nearby. I certainly take 
advantage of it too.


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