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> My boyfriend and I recently started homebrewing. We did a 
> chocolate orange
> stout. The Joy of Homebrewing recommended using the chocolate bakers
> squares. Our local homebrew store recommended using the 
> powdered bakers
> cocoa because of the oils that are left by the squares. Which 
> is better?
> Does it matter? Any comments or suggestions would be greatly 
> appreciated.
> 			Thanks,
> 				Jennifer   Golden, Co

Weird - I have heard of chocolate stout, but to my knowledge that means the
inclusion of chocolate malt (term for a particular degree of roasting) not
actual chocolate. 

I think it would be unbearably foul with real chocolate, whatever you use,
but then I don't like chocolate, so feel free to ignore me :-)

I would comment that baking chocolate is not the same thing as eating
chocolate (you don't say whther you are UK or US - I'm talking about in the
UK), becasue of the requirement to melt smoothly and to solidify without all
the cocoa butter coming out in the surface in an unsightly manner. Cocoa
powder doesn't taste much like chocolate to me (I can actually stomach

But have fun with it and do tell us how it turns out!


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