hist-brewing: chocolate

Ralph Barker SquireAle at zianet.com
Tue Nov 30 19:19:11 PST 1999

    As a home brewer for some years and the owner of a home brew supply
store I would have to say definately use the powdered chocolate.
Unfortunately "The Joy of Home Brewing" was written ALONG time ago. Alot of
the info in it is really REALLY outdated.  The reason your local home brew
store operator is worried about the oils is that oils will have an adverse
effect on the appearance and head retention of the beer. There are other
reasons too but that is the main one. If I might make a suggestion as
well... Use "The Joy of Homebrewing" as a door stop and get a copy of Al
Korzonos "Homebrewing Vol 1". It is constantly updated and very well

Ralph Barker
Ld. Ralf Blackwood of Ravenstone

>My boyfriend and I recently started homebrewing. We did a chocolate orange
>stout. The Joy of Homebrewing recommended using the chocolate bakers
>squares. Our local homebrew store recommended using the powdered bakers
>cocoa because of the oils that are left by the squares. Which is better?
>Does it matter? Any comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Jennifer   Golden, Co


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