hist-brewing: pumpkin mead

Stephen Bernard flatlander at gis.net
Mon Nov 29 21:09:04 PST 1999

Euphilia at aol.com wrote:

> I'm sorry, this just seems like a bad idea to me.

aggread it wold probilyu taste like pumpkin!

> Admittedly I have not had a
> lot of experience with brewing but something just doesn't sit right with me.
> I think that my problem is that how to you keep the pumpkin from
> deteriorating before the brew is finished. It would have to be the freshest
> possible and then  it probably wouldn't be big enough to hold all of the
> batch.

small batch one gallon ish,  even around here, the Topsfield fair croud (oldest
county fair in the nation)  what grow Giant pumpkins (800lbs is respectible)  say
giant pumpkins tast nasty (and these are from people who like pumpkins!)

> I mean I've had my fair share of experience with pumpkins and I know
> that unless specially treated jack o'lanterns do not last very long. I
> noticed that you suggested using bleach to make it last longer but isn't that
> running the risk of poisoning your brew?

i said bleach is good for jack-o-lanterns, and sugested iodophore for brewing
cause it will evaporate.  jack o lanterns are left open to the air and all
airborn contamints, and usualy only last a week or so, but if you protect the
innirds of the pumpkin from outside forces,  clean and sanitary it will last as
long a an unpunchered fruit, or longer. several months is not extrodinary

Rev. Steve(gorm)

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