hist-brewing: more newbie questions :-)

David McCarty raille at mich.com
Tue Oct 26 04:53:30 PDT 1999

At 06:35 AM 10/26/1999 EDT, PBLoomis at aol.com wrote:
 2)  Grolsch-style bottles.  Will these bottles take the pressure of a
 sparkling mead? >>
>    Grolsch wire-tops will take the pressure of anything carbonated no more 
>than Grolsch is.  If over-pressured, they will relieve the pressure 
>gracefully, by leaking gas around the gasket.
>    I bottled some Doomsday Ale that was, it turned out, not yet finished 
>fermenting, in Grolsch bottles.  A week later, half of them were hissing, 
>Thank God.  Otherwise, 
>I would have had Grolsch Grenades, and glass and suds all over my wife's 
>dining room antiques.

Have to comment on this.  I use Grolsch bottle a lot.  I had made a
sparkling mead, which managed to not only break the bottle, there was
virtually nothing left of the bottle.

The force of the explosion was soo great that glass flew hit the cabinet
door(plexiglass thank god!) rebounded and imbedded itself in the TOP of the
shelve above.

The wire bailing was chipped and the wire sprung.  The only portion left ws
the bottom, which in most all case survives.  Doesn't hold much mead though!  

The glass was just little tiny pieces, almost like a think dust.

Of course I had to clean up a mess of sticky mead, run through with glass
powder. :(

Dave M.

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