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<< 2)  Grolsch-style bottles.  Will these bottles take the pressure of a
 sparkling mead? >>
    Grolsch wire-tops will take the pressure of anything carbonated no more 
than Grolsch is.  If over-pressured, they will relieve the pressure 
gracefully, by leaking gas around the gasket.
    I bottled some Doomsday Ale that was, it turned out, not yet finished 
fermenting, in Grolsch bottles.  A week later, half of them were hissing, 
Thank God.  Otherwise, 
I would have had Grolsch Grenades, and glass and suds all over my wife's 
dining room antiques.
 3)  Sparkling vs Still Mead.  Is sparkling mead any better than still, or is
 this just a personal preference type issue.  I don't care for champagne
 over wine, but I do like my beer carbonated.  I guess the question here is,
 is mead to be thought of as more a wine type beverage or a beer type
    I think of it as a personal preference issue.  To me, the mead making 
process more resembles beer-making.  My Baron, who makes wine and 
also better mead than I do, considers mead-making similar to winemaking.
De gustibus non disputandum est.
    In joy and service,

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