hist-brewing: more newbie questions :-)

David McCarty raille at mich.com
Mon Oct 25 10:19:48 PDT 1999

At 04:38 AM 10/25/1999 -0500, Lakey, Jeremy wrote:
>hehe tell me to shut up if I get too annoying here.. 
>2)  Grolsch-style bottles.   Will these bottles take the pressure of a
>sparkling mead?

Yes.  They will take quite a bit of pressure.

>3)  Sparkling vs Still Mead.  Is sparkling mead any better than still, or is
>this just a personal preference type issue.   I don't care for champagne
>over wine, but I do like my beer carbonated.   I guess the question here is,
>is mead to be thought of as more a wine type beverage or a beer type

Do you like sparkling grape juices?  If you do then you will like sparkling

Dave M.

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