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Distilled spirits in Europe date back to at least the 11th or 12th century,
according to Andre Simon in _Wines_of-the-World, page 351.  Cyril Ray in
_The_Complete_Book_of_Spirits_and_Liqueurs_, page 11 says that the Norman
English found the distillation of grain into uisge beatha (whiskey) to be
common when they invaded Ireland in the 12th century.

You can check out my site at the URL in my sig-block.  Take the link to
'Personal Research' and then to 'Alcoholic Drinks of the Middle Ages.'  There
is a chapter on distilled beverages (Brandy & Whisky), as well as on Wine &
Mead, Beer, Liqueurs & Cordials, and Vinegar.



On 18-Oct-99 Kirsty Pollock wrote:
> After a discussion I got into at the weekend, I was wondering when distilled
> spirits would have first been available in Europe, and what they would have
> been made from. 

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