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Jeff writes (quoting me):
>>Ships' tonnage is based on how many
>>ton/tun casks of beer they could hold.
>Well, not quite, at least not directly or today.  From World Book
>Encyclopedia, 1988 edition, vol. S, p. 416:
>"Deadweight tonnage is a ship's actual carrying capacity measured in long
>tons. ... includes cargo, crew, passengers, fuel, supplies and spare parts.
>Freighters and tankers arte generally described in terms of deadweight
>It also describes two other measurements of tonnage, displacement tonnage,
>"the number of long tons displaced ... by a ship ... is generally used for
>naval craft," and gross tonnage, "the amount of a ship's enclosed space.
>It is a measure of volume, not weight, and is expressed in units of 100
>cubic feet ... .  A ship of 5000 gross tons has 500,000 cubic feet ... of
>enclosed space.  Passenger ships are usually measured in terms of gross

Perhaps it is old and derived... I'm just repeating what I've heard.
It is notable that that website I mentioned gives the definition that
in 1824, the Imperial Gallon was definied as the volume of 10 pounds
of water (at a particular temperature, of course).  Since a Tun/Ton
cask holds 216 Imperial Gallons, that's about 2160 pounds or not too
far from our modern "ton" measure of weight.  The website also says
that a Tun/Ton is 60912 cubic inches, which, if my math is correct
is about 423 cubic feet... alas, that's not even close to your ships'
measure of volume.  Oh well.

The rest of my information is accurate... I shouldn't have posted
that last speculative bit, or I should have said "I've heard that
ship's tonnage is somehow releated to how many tun/ton casks of
beer they could hold."


Al Korzonas, Lockport, Illinois, USA
korz at brewinfo.org

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