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Lord Bigglesby tevildo at hotmail.com
Wed Oct 20 10:46:26 PDT 1999

Just to throw in my two cents, I believe that hopped beers are a scourge on 
all men, not because of droop (although that gives me another potential 
reason to despise them) but because of the sitting - in - the - arm - chair, 
- drinking - beer - while - watching - the - game - in - a - sweat - stained 
- T- shirt stereotype. Every time someone swigs a beer, they're only 
reinforcing that. Anyway, the medicinal properties of hops seem to be the 
ones common to all bitter foods. Coffee is probably just as good for the 
liver and digestive system, despite rumours to the contrary. The use of 
anise or licorice in small amounts is not going to kill Mr. Happy, so 
there's no reason to completely avoid Ouzu, Richard. Say, has anyone tried 
using Gill-over- in an unhopped ale? I tried it once, just wanted to know if 
my horrific results were normal.       -Tevildo.

Oh, and Cindy-- I don't think any of those ingredients are seriously toxic 
unless consumed in quantity. The usual effects of such "poisonous plants" is 
gastric distress, and in the quantities used the effect was probably 
negligible. Plus, if this is something they were drinking every day, they 
were sure to build up resistance to the toxins. Now what's this with yarrow? 
I use dried yarrow on occasion... is there something I should know? Correct 
THEY'RE PREGNANT ANYWAY? Oh, I love your website.

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