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GeneDwiggins (famous digital photographer) gene at dwiggins.com
Wed Oct 20 07:24:19 PDT 1999

My great thanks for all who have contributed notes on Gruited Ales. This
recipe offers the normal level of frustration that I have encountered.
It lists ingredients, but not the procedure for adding the herbs. What I
have found is that differing herbs require appropriate process for
getting the flavor or other qualities into the beer. Some need an
infusion - add to liquid that has just boiled, steeping for a few
minutes, others a cold infusion - herbs hung in the beer for an hour or
a day or even a weeks, yet others require decoction - boiling for a time
in the liquid, like bittering with hops.
So, what does one do with these ingredients? My plan is to make a base 5
gal. unhopped ale, and bottle 10 half gal. "growlers" with different
samples of herb/spice.

Geoffrey deWygan
> From: ALBATRS890 at aol.com
> Date: Wed, 20 Oct 1999 00:18:02 EDT
> Subject: hist-brewing: Gruit Ale
> Gallon recipe
> 1 3/4 # Pale. Malt
> 1 1/2 # Crystal Malt
> 1 1/2 Gram Myrica Gale
> 1 1/2 Gram Marsh Rosemary
> 1 1/2 Gram Yarrow
> Yeast  (Double pitch) Gruit impeads the yeast
> See American Brewer July 99,p27

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