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> Since there is such strong eveidence that hops cause 
> drowsiness (and over
> time droopiness of the manly works), I have decided to no 
> longer use hops in
> my Ales.

I think you'll find it's the alcohol that causes the droopiness (and
possibly the dopeyness too). Hops is reputed to make you sleepy, but living
with a periodic insomniac who we have tried everything on in an attempt to
avoid drugs has taught me that it does no such thing, at least not so's
you'd notice. Rest assured I have found the 'real ale' (i know, it's beer)
drinking population to be no more dopey (or droopy) than the average man
(though some of them tend to be a bit 'chunkier' shall we say....)

But anyway, putting hops in it makes it beer not ale. 

> After looking over quit a few ingredients, I have decided to 
> start out with
> a simple recipe provided Stephen Buhner, but the ingredients have been
> elusive.
> Yarro is fairly easy to find, but Myricia Gale and marsh 
> Rosemary have been
> close to impossible to locate.
> Does anyone have a line on these ingredients?  If so it would 
> be greatly
> appreciated.  Especially if the source has a web site.

My usual herbal suppliers don't list it, but they do say to ask them if it's
not on the list - they can get other stuff. I'd have the latin names handy.


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