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Cindy Renfrow renfrow at skylands.net
Mon Oct 18 16:49:12 PDT 1999

>Being a very careful sort, I would like to suggest that you proceed
>with caution when putting together gruit or any spices that are no longer
>commonly consumed.  Many herbs and spices can be toxic and there's a
>good reason things such as wormwood have become out of favour for brewers.

>Personally, I would check any recipe against the warnings in the appendix
>of "A Sip in Time" by our very own hist-brewing subscriber, Cindy Renfrow.

Thanks for the plug, Al!  :-)

>Cindy-- please post your website URL... I would have posted it, but seem to
>have lost the URL *again*!

My links page with the historic brewing info is at:

My page of gleanings from Gerard's Herbal of 1633 is at
http://members.aol.com/renfrowcm/gerardp1.html  He has some notes about
herbs used for brewing.

My new homepage is at http://www.thousandeggs.com


Cindy Renfrow
cindy at thousandeggs.com
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Century Recipes" and "A Sip Through Time, A Collection of Old Brewing
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