hist-brewing: Gruited or spiced ales

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Fri Oct 15 03:34:08 PDT 1999

In a message dated 10/13/1999 11:56:04 PM EST, gene at dwiggins.com writes:

<< I am looking for a recipe
 for gruited ale, along with the difference in technique of brewing. >>

    This sounds like a great topic!!  I have been able to ascertain that 
alehoof and costmary were each used as gruits in England.  Robert 
Louis Stevenson's poem alleges that the Picts in Scotland used heather 
as gruit, but that the knowledge was lost when the Scots purged the 
Pictish nobility around 850 AD.  I know nothing of recipes or processes, 
or sources for any of these gruits.  Would very much like to learn.

    In joy and service,

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