hist-brewing: Gruited or spiced ales

James Tichgelaar jtichgel at choctaw.astate.edu
Thu Oct 14 08:16:32 PDT 1999

Fresh herbs will have more flavor when used in dishes that are only
cooked for short periods at low temperatures.  Dried herbs are fine for
stews and teas.  For brewing, you can start by soaking the dried herbs
for 30 to 40 minutes in hot water (to make a "tea").  Fresh herbs will
be best added at the end of the boil (hops are just a fresh herb).  Each
will add slightly different flavors (just like bittering of flavoring

"GeneDwiggins (famous digital photographer)" wrote:
> I am an experienced brewer of hopped beers. I am looking for a recipe
> for gruited ale, along with the difference in technique of brewing. I am
> used to the 1 hour boil required for hop utilization. It sounds like the
> use of herbs is quite different. I imagine one would boil the wort for
> at least 10 minutes for sanitation, but from there I am vague about how
> and when the herbs are added. i am also curious if simple powdered
> kitchen spices can be used effectively, or is it best to use "bushes"
> Geoffrey deWygan

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