hist-brewing: where have all the links gone...

Greg Lindahl lindahl at pbm.com
Sun Oct 3 13:07:13 PDT 1999

Does anyone know where these links have gone to?

still dead; brewing.html http://brewery.org/brewery/library/PeriodRen.html
still dead; brewing.html http://www.icon-stl.net/~cwbussja/knaves/beer5.htm
still dead; brewing.html http://www.icon-stl.net/~cwbussja/knaves/beer3.htm
still dead; brewing.html http://www.icon-stl.net/~cwbussja/knaves/
still dead; brewing.html http://hbd.org/brewery/library.html
still dead; brewing.html http://hbd.org/brewery/library/ambeer/

The "Knaves of Grain" seem to have disappeared off the 'net, and the
other links are to a server which died and came back, so perhaps they
didn't bother to reload the library. Anyone know anything?

-- g

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