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Kirsty Pollock kirsty.pollock at mpuk.com
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Final alcohol content in any brew depends on the amount of sugar (in
whatever form) present at the startand completenesss of fermentation. For my
'atandard' sort of mead I use about 4-5 lbs honey per gallon (UK gallon,
that is 4.5 litres). It turns out about 15%-17% if done til fairly dry.

You can take a specific gravity (measured by hydrometer) reading at the
start and the end and from that work out an approximation of the alcohol
content from that. Winemaking books have the tables to make it easier. BE
aware though, that it is only approximate, for all sorts of reasons, mainly
that other things than fermentable sugar in the starting mix, and
temperature (though you can correct for this) affect hydrometer readings. If
pulp fermenting fruit for a wine, for example, there's not really any point
taking readings. Should be OK for straight mead. Oh yeah, do it before the
yeast goes in and when the liquid is at 20 degrees centigrade.

A friend who works in a winery (which also makes mead) says the only real
way to tell the final alcohol content is by sending it to the lab. They have
to do this because for legal reasons what they print on the bottle must be
correct to within half a percent.

I use the Sean-o-meter, personally. Let my boyfriend drink a bottle and see
how drunk he gets. This works for beer too :-)


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> It was kind of tame I must admit immediatly after 
> fermentation, but I bottles 
> it and let it sit for several months and after about 6 months 
> it had quite a 
> kick to it. I'm pretty new to this so I couldn't really say 
> whether I did 
> something wrong to cause this effect, but I liked it.  I've 
> also worked on a 
> few hard cidar recipes that have come out pretty strong. Does 
> the temperature 
> of the boil have anything to do with the alcohol content?
> Shannon

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