hist-brewing: RE: oak kegs

John Lifer, jr jliferjr at misnet.com
Thu Sep 30 18:04:08 PDT 1999

I've an excellent book on the subject of coopering i.e. the building and
upkeep of barrels and casks.
It was written by Kenneth Kilby and is entitled The Cooper and His
Published by Linden Publishing isbn 0-941936-16-3

In it he relates his experience as an apprentice cooper  in the mid 40's
and then into a history of spirit containing vessels.  He flatly and
undeniably rejects the notion that oak flavors are or were wanted or
desireable in any Beer or Ale.  English then French then Russian oaks
were used some pitched and some not, but American oak when used, and
reluctantly used was always pitched to prevent the tannin problem.
Enough, get the book, it is an excellent read.
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