hist-brewing: Mead, Bass and more

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Thu Sep 30 14:07:57 PDT 1999

> > wood fires and iron or copper furnaces were the standard =
> >until steel was invented in the 1800's, kiln dried malts were made with =
> >wood fires through the 1700's at least.
> Actually, in many parts of England, they used straw to fire kilns and
> in Scotland, they used peat... wood is far less abundant in Europe
> than it is here and I'm pretty sure they were starting to run short
> even in medieval times (considering that they used half-timbered construction
> (in which you use wood only for support and thin sticks and plaster between
> the timbers)).

Straw was used because it gave of a nice heat, but very little smoke.
There is a period source (Gervase Markham, an english housewife) that
details what type of straw is best, and notes that wood is not very good
for the malt because it makes it smoky, and gives the ale a bad taste.


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