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Kirsty Pollock kirsty.pollock at mpuk.com
Thu Sep 30 06:13:42 PDT 1999


Hope it's not me that's been posting html. It looks like plain text to me
but am using Outlook98 so who knows. I'll check. I know the pain from having
used other mailreaders before and people blithely posting html etc. What did
you mean by extraneous text?


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> Maybe this may seem a bit overboard but I have to express 
> some thoughts.
> Can folks please try to proof their posts so that they are 
> not including
> all the previous digest in their messages?  Also people seem 
> to be posting
> all kinds of extraneous text.  And is it possible for folks to post in
> plain text an not html?  Then again maybe this is a free for 
> all digest and
> I failed to read the FAQ.
> Ale can keep as long as you can tolerate the flavor.  As 
> examples look at
> Gales Prize old ale or moonraker.  Certainly these beers have 
> some less
> than main stream flavors.  Or Thomas Hardy's Who says a 
> barley wine lambic
> is not an ale that can keep for years.

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