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> << Yes, but why?? It's [Bass] bloody horrible...  >>
>     De gustibus non disputandum est.  
>     (There is no disputing that Gus is in the East.)  :;-)
>     "You may talk of gin and beer, 
>      When you're quartered safe out here,
>      And you're sent to penny fights and Aldershot it ...."   
>  -- Kipling
>     Maybe you can get better in Ould Blighty, but out here in 
> the Colonies....
> Remember, to be widely available in the States, a British 
> beer has to be 
> available in bottles, and high enough in alcohol to ship 
> well.  Most of them 
> aren't ENOUGH better than American craft beers to justify the 
> import price.

Probably very true, I wouldn't know.  Is there a higher or lower percentage
of 'real beer' fans in the US compared with the UK? I got the impression
that it was lower, but I could be wrong. Tons of better beers are available
in bottles, and I can't recall Bass has any particularly high strength. They
just aren't made by mega- breweries and so not worth shipping to a very
limited market.

>     I was weaned (away from American beers) on Bass and Guinness, and
> still drink Bass occasionally.

I whish I could e some boxes of Hobgoblin or Black Sheep

>     Ann gairdeachas agus obair,   Scotti

can't quite recall what that means (being a lowlander and all that), but I
think it's pleasant.

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