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Tue Sep 28 13:46:11 PDT 1999

John "Hopduvel" Isenhour, writes:
>When serving cask ale's with beer going out the spigot and air going
>in, rule of thumb is you have about 3 days, and the beer goes thru
>perceptible changes during that time and is considered part of the
>ritual.  Once air is introduced, acetobacter can grow causing vinegar
>notes that are not acceptable unless you are talking about certain
>belgian styles.

I read in a book (I'm pretty sure it was published by the Campaign for
Real Ale) that the rule of thumb varies by original gravity.  I know I
have the book at home, but we recently moved and all my books are still
in boxes.  The 1.030 and 1.040 ales should really be served in one day.
Stronger ones (like John typically drinks ;^), can indeed last 3 or
more days.  Casks come in different sizes so that the cellarmaster
selects a cask such that it runs out within the time alloted.  The
White Horse on Parsons Green in London serves Draught Bass from 36-gallon
casks, whereas the slower-moving beers are purchased in 9- and 18-gallon
casks.  On week ends, they will go through *multiple* casks of Bass
in a day!


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