Boiling honey or not(Re: hist-brewing: mead)

Kirsty Pollock kirsty.pollock at
Fri Sep 24 05:36:45 PDT 1999

I did have a good success with a half honey/half golden sugar mix (2lbs, 1kg
respectively) with cinnamon, ginger, cloves and a bit of lime juice as
flavouring. I boiled it a bit, but not more than say 10 mins. Used a wine
yeast. It was pretty vigorous, but stopped fermenting and cleared reasonably
quickly (a couple of months). I racked it twice, and it was medium sweet and
so far no fizziness/exploding bottles and goes down rather well.

I have a friend who works in a small winery which makes mead and he says
that he always ferments to dryness and sweetens just before bottling, but
they filter theirs (even then it doesn't always get all of the yeast out, he
says!) so less chance of a referment anyway.

This weekend I'm taking to a re-enactment event a batch of chamomile mead
that somebody else made which I fell heir to last year looking rather murky
and green. After fining and tender loving care (and never stopping
ferementing when you thought that it had). I have finally demmed it fit for
purpose. Not especially clear (I used a large diameter pipe in the racking
and the initial 'swoosh' caught a little sediment) but what will a bunch of
drunken Vikings care so long as it's plentiful and strong!


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