hist-brewing: alcohol tolerance

David McCarty raille at mich.com
Thu Sep 23 13:10:27 PDT 1999

At 01:46 PM 9/23/99 -0500, BrewInfo wrote:
>Dave writes:
>>I have used bakers bread yeast in an orange melomel.  It fermented out
>>remarkably fast and contrary to my expectation dropped bright very quickly.
>> I left a fruity taste from the yeast, but not a yeasty taste,as I
>>expected.  The biggest draw back is the lack of alcohol tolerance.
>Which yeast exactly?  I mean... which brand?  

It was Red Star bread yeast.

I've tasted beer made
>with bread yeast in which the yeast simply would not settle.  From
>Dave's datapoint, we see that there is at least one that flocculates
>well.  As for alcohol tolerance, it could be a minus or a plus, depending
>on your perspective.  If you want to make a sweet mead, but don't want
>it to be 12+% alcohol, a yeast with low alcohol tolerance is a good
>choice.  Mind you... many used to believe that beer yeasts had significantly
>lower alcohol tolerance than wine yeasts, but now with proper handling
>(refrigeration, rehydration, starters, etc.) most beer yeasts are
>perfectly happy with 10+% ABV.  Therefore, your bread yeast may have had
>low alcohol tolerance simply because it was old or mistreated at the store
>or rehydrated too cold (or not rehydrated at all!)... there are many
>possible reasons (or it may just have low alcohol tolerance).

It was not that low over all, but since the sample was small and no ending
gravity was had, a guess and general comparison had to be made. 

Shudder:  But I think it tasted like it had less alcohol.

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