hist-brewing: keeping of beer

TIYE tiye at dds.nl
Thu Sep 23 07:45:37 PDT 1999

hello there,

Does anyone know how long it takes for ale and beer to go off? I can't find
any reference to this except from the common notion that the addition of
hops and gruit improve the preservation.
thank you.

About the medieval use of hops
Hopped beers were being imported to the Netherlands (esp. from Hamburg)
from about 1300. Count (earl) Willem III forbade the import of hopped beer
before 1321, and at the same time gave permission to brew hopped beer in
the Low Countries.
H. Ebbing: Bier op transport; De binnenvaart door Holland en de
ontwikkeling van de Hollandse brouwnijverheid tot 1500.(page 42) In:
Kistemaker. R.E. & V.T.van Vilsteren(eds): Bier! geschiedenis van een
volksdrank. Amsterdam 1994
Also published in english as: Beer, the story of Hollands favourite drink.

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