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Wed Sep 22 13:18:47 PDT 1999

Angus writes:
>B=E4rs=E4rkamj=F6d (Berserk Mead):
>12 l	water
>6 l	honey
>1 dl 	dried rosehips=20
>1/2 dl	cloves
>yeast (ordinary baking yest will be fine)

Yes, but wine yeast will make much tastier mead, with much less yeasty
flavour.  Beer and wine yeasts are selected not only for good flavour
characteristics, but also because they flocculate (settle) reasonably well.
Baking yeast is selected for it's ability to quickly produce CO2.
It is very likely to have a permanently yeasty mead with baking yeast.

>Put 3 l of  water in a big pot and add the honey.  Bring to a boil =
>constantly until the honey is 100% dissolved (or it'll sediment and
>When it's constantly at a rolling boil, skim off any foam that rise to =
>surface.  This will take anywhere from 3 to 10 mins depending on the =

There is a tradeoff between clarity and honey aroma.  Boiling, as 
noted above will make for a much clearer mead, but it will have less
honey aroma than if you didn't boil.  I chose to not boil... I just
added the honey to boiling water after turning off the heat.  The mead
did clear very nicely in two years, but it was never as brilliantly
clear as a boiled mead.

>Balders =D6l (Balder's Beer):
>5 l 	water
>6 kg 	light malt extract
>30 g pors*
*I haven't been able to find te english word for it.  The latin name is
>Myrica Gale L.
>It was used in beers before hops and is still used by homebrewers or to
>flavour schnapps.

That would be "Sweet Gale," but a word of warning... Cindy Renfrow's
excellent "A Sip in Time" warns that Sweet Gale has some unpleasant
side effects.  The details escape me, but I faintly recall that it was
used to induce spontaneous abortions, or something like that.

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