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Brokk H940114 at stud.kol.su.se
Tue Sep 21 11:45:53 PDT 1999

Someone requested recipes for sweet and dry meads a while ago for a Viking
I haven't had too much time on my hands but I've finally been able to get
hold of a few recipes.

Bärsärkamjöd (Berserk Mead):

12 l	water
6 l	honey
1 dl 	dried rosehips 
1/2 dl	cloves
yeast (ordinary baking yest will be fine)

Put 3 l of  water in a big pot and add the honey.  Bring to a boil stirring
constantly until the honey is 100% dissolved (or it'll sediment and
When it's constantly at a rolling boil, skim off any foam that rise to the
surface.  This will take anywhere from 3 to 10 mins depending on the honey
Grind the spices in a mortar, put them in a cloth bag and add to the pot
the last 5 mins of boiling (when you're done skimming) then remove the pot
from the heat to cool under a lid.  Pitch the yeast when cool.
If all the sugar is fermented this recipe will yield a mead of approx 20 %
by volume, based on the assumtion that 1 l of honey =880 gr and the sugar
content is 70%.
The yeast will probably die before that and yield some 15-17 % under
favourable conditions and give a sweeter mead.

A brown sweet mead:

22 l 	water
11 kg 	honey

Dissolve 4.5 kg honey in water and boil as above, pour in fermenter with 3 l
cool water and let cool to room temp, then pitch yeast.  When yeast activity
starts to slow down, boil 4.5 kg honey with 3 or 4 l of water (remember to
skim) and let cool.  When it's the same temp as the started brew, pitch it
to the fermenter.  When activity starts to slow down a 2nd time, repeat with
the last 2 kg of honey.  This will, if all sugar is fermented yield approx
22.5 % by volume so it'll be a sweeter mead.  If you use wine yeast you
might get lucky and get as high as 20-21%.  If so, just boil honey in a
little water, skim, cool and add to taste to adjust the sweetness.

Balders Öl (Balder's Beer):
5 l 	water
6 kg 	light malt extract
30 g pors*

*I haven't been able to find te english word for it.  The latin name is
Myrica Gale L.
It was used in beers before hops and is still used by homebrewers or to
flavour schnapps.

Boil the malt extract and skim, add the 'pors' and boil it just as you do
with hops.
I haven't tried this recipe so i haven't got a clue as to how long you
should boil it.
My guess would be 10-30 mins, might be as long as an hour tough.

I came across 2 non alcoholic recepies as well...

Lingondricka (Lingonberry drink):  makes 1 liter
1 1/2 l 	lingonberries
5 dl	water
3 dl 	honey

Mash the berries and pour hot water over them.
Cover and let sit for 48 hrs.
Strain and stir in honey.  Store dark and cool.

Äppeldricka (Apple Drink):  makes 7 1/2 liters:
6 kg 	corned apples
6 l 	water
150-200 g honey

Chop apples and pour hot/boiling water over them.
Strain and stir in honey.  Keeps about 1 week when stored cool.

>From 'Vikingars Gästabud', Fant et el. 1998.
ISBN 9177096177
It's not available in english AFAIK =(

Angus MacIomhair.

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