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Stephen Wilson Stephen.Wilson at jcu.edu.au
Sun Sep 19 17:47:29 PDT 1999

Here is the recipe for spruce beer as outined by Joseph Banks [I've
formatted it into points, to make it easier to read]:


Take a copper that Contains 12 Gallons 

fill it as full of the Boughs of Black spruce as it will hold Pressing
them down pretty tight 

Fill it up with water 

Boil it till the Rind will strip off the Spruce Boughs which will waste it
about one third 

take them out & add to the water one Gallon of Melasses 

Let the whole Boil till the Melasses are disolvd 

take a half hogshead & Put in nineteen Gallons of water & fill it up with
the Essence.

work it with Barm or Beergrounds & in Less than a week it is fit to Drink

from this Liquor in itself Very Weak are made three Kinds of Flip Cald
here Callibogus, Egg Calli & King Calli 

the first Simply by adding Rum Brandy or Gin If you cannot get Either of
the First as much as is agreeable

The second by heating the first with the Addition of an Egg & Some Sugar

the third King Calli By adding spirit to the Contents of the Copper as
soon as it is ready to Put into the Cask & Drinking it hot (Banks 1971,
pp. 139-40)


Banks, Joseph 1971 (1766), 'The voyage to Newfoundland and Southern
Labrador in 1766', in "Joseph Banks in Newfoundland and Labrador, 1766",
ed. A. M. Lysaght, Faber and Faber, London, pp. 115-56.



Steve Wilson

On Fri, 17 Sep 1999 PBLoomis at aol.com wrote:

> In a message dated 09/16/1999 6:05:45 PM EST, Stephen.Wilson at jcu.edu.au 
> writes:
> << King Calli: [offhand] this is something like add brandy to the concoction
>  before you put it in the barrel. Serve hot once it's fermented.  >>
>     I take it they're fermenting it before they keg it.  The brandy should 
> stop the fermentation.   Scotti

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