hist-brewing: Spruce Beer

Stephen Wilson Stephen.Wilson at jcu.edu.au
Thu Sep 16 16:01:51 PDT 1999

On Tue, 14 Sep 1999, Thea & Jeff wrote:

> We picked fresh spruce buds and used the recipe in Cindy Renfrow's " A
> Sip Through Time" (which I can't find right now).

If you do find it, I'd be very interested in getting the recipe, or any
information from the book.

I have about half a dozen recipes now, including the ones posted, which I
found on the internet with a search for 'spruce beer'.

I'm writing a paper on the subject, seeing as I'm involved with conserving
the artefacts from the Pandora - the spruce essence pots caught my

>From what I gather, spruce beer was quite a tasty beverage - George
Vancouver calls it excellent quite a bit.

It seems to have been quite a weak drink in itself. Joseph Banks gives
recipes for three 'flips' made from the drink:

Callibogas: made by adding brandy, rum, or gin to your spruce beer, to

Egg Calli: add an agg and some sugar.

King Calli: [offhand] this is something like add brandy to the concoction
before you put it in the barrel. Serve hot once it's fermented.

Thanks for the information, guys.


Steve W.

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