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Brokk H940114 at stud.kol.su.se
Thu Sep 16 12:53:43 PDT 1999


Finally I'm done with my book purchase (complete list below).
I want to thank all of you who has supplied me with comments on books,
editions, reviews etc.
Your opinions gave me some valuable information.

One thing really struck me as odd though.....

When comparing Barnes&Nobles edition of Herbert Norris' 'Medieval Costume
And Fashion' to the one sold by Amazon UK I discovered the following:
Barnes and Noble states:
published july -99 (IIRC), paperback 485 pages
Amazon UK states:
This title is not available yet, it will be sent to you ASAP.  Published 30
september -99, paperback 528 pages.

Here comes the twist:
The ISBN numbers are identical, which suggests the same edition but how come
the # of pages differ to such an extent (9% more for the Amazon copy)?
To top it off Amazon had a review of the book that seemed to belong to the
new edition.  A bit strange if it isn't available yet.

Anyone out there with a good theory/explanation ?

List of books:

Longbow, A Social And Military History (3rd ed IIRC), R. Hardy
Toxophilus 1545, R. Ascham
The Medieval Archer, J. Bradbury
The Flat Bow, H. Metz

Brewing Mead, Lt. Col. Gayre et al
A Sip Through Time, C. Renfrow

A Second Handbook Of Anglosaxon Food And Drink, A. Hagen
Platina: On Right Pleasure And Good Health, M. E. Milham
Traditional Food From Wales, B. Freeman
Take A Thousand Eggs Or More 2nd ed, C. Renfrow
Apicius Cookery and Dining in Imperial Rome, J. D. Vehling
Curye On Inglysch, C. B. Hieatt & S. Butler.

The Hundred Years War, C. Allmand
The Ancient World Of The Celts, P. B. Ellis
The Vikings, E. Roesdahl
20,000 Years of Fashion : The History of Costume and Personal Adornment, F.
L. Boucher & Y. Deslandres
Medieval Costume, H. Norris

Angus MacIomhair, who's got a few hours of reading in front of him.

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