hist-brewing: Medieval Use of Hops

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Sat Sep 4 03:33:57 PDT 1999

    Good Gentles, please forgive my recapitulation, but I've lost 
big chunks of my backfiles.  I have a number of questions on 
which I'm seeking specific citable documentation, and I'd appreciate
you help.

    (1) Hops apparently grow wild across much of northern Europe 
including England.  Can anybody give a citation for that?

    (2) Hops were used as a mordant in dyeing cloth as early as 
Roman times.  Can anybody give a citation for that?

    (3) The useful properties of hops for beer-making were not 
generally recognized until the High Middle Ages.  The redoubtable 
Hildegard von Bingen mentions their use in brewing in 12??

    (4) That use appears to have spread across continental Europe 
in less than a century.  Hopped beers were being brewed in the Low 
Countries, and imported into England, in 13??

    (5) The Gruit Guild correctly perceived hops as a threat to their 
livelihood, and fought a rear-guard action which ultimately failed.  
Henry VI (War of the Roses) outlawed the use of hops in beer in 14??

    Can anybody help me with literature citations?  Thanks.

    In joy and service,  Scotti

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