hist-brewing: sassafrass

Leo Demski stridep at hotmail.com
Wed Sep 1 15:06:40 PDT 1999

Hello Folks!

I was wondering if anyone could provide information concerning the use of 
sassafrass in brewing history...Specifically in root beer, but also in 
anything else.  I recently was able to rescue about 3 lbs of sassafrass 
roots from a unfortunately sacrificed young tree.  They smell wonderful, and 
I was trying to find a way to utilize them.  I know that the Acadian French 
in Louisiana (Cajuns) use the dried, ground leaf as file powder for gumbo, 
but I have also heard tell of people making tea from the leaves and/or bark.

And, while we're on the subject, wasn't the original root beer alcoholic?  
Does anyone have a recipe and/or lore about that?

Many thanks for whatever information you have!

Oh, and let me just say that although I've never posted anything before, I 
have avidly read the wonderful discussions on this list for quite a while.  
Thank you all for providing and taking part in such an interesting and 
thought-provoking forum!

-Wassail, Cheers, Skoal, etc,

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