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<< Does anyone know if Victorian Gentlemen or women drank beer , c 1872 ? or
 would it be a more refined drink they would take ? >>

    I would have to assume, both from my reading and from the below,
that they did not drink beer, but only [Scotch] whisky, gin (military 
and civil service), and various wines, including port and sherry.
    My middle class parents were born in 1904, and did not drink 
beer, but only hard liquor, nor did their circle of friends, which 
included all the kulturny people in town.  Beer was strictly a blue 
collar enjoyment in those days just after WWII.
    This may have been partly an after-effect of their having
come of age during Prohibition.  My older sister commented once 
that our generation drank beer, while our parents generation drank
harder stuff.
    Are you writing a Victorian novel?
    In joy and service, Scotti

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