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Mon Aug 9 11:20:53 PDT 1999

Scotti wrote:
>    Today I received the latest catalog from E.C.Kraus in Independence, MO.
>They are primarily a winemaker's supply house, but offer some beer making
>supplies also.  Orders (VISA/Mastercard) can be placed at 1-800-254-7448.  
>shipping to the lower 48 on orders of $15.00 or greater.
>    On pg.3 is a book of potential interest:  
>    Winemaking with Elderberries, by T. Edwin Ball, no publisher info given, 
>price $9.95.    I have no idea whether it is any good.
>    They also offer 46oz cans of Elderberry juice (2 or 3 required for 5 
>$21.85 each.
>    And dried elderberries, 4oz sufficient for 1 gallon for $4.20, three 4oz 
>for $10.80.

I've seen this book and it is surprisingly large for a book that only
talks about wine recipes that include Elderberries and their juice.

This post reminded me... No doubt you all know gruit is said to have
contained wormwood.  Well, some well-meaning, but rather stupid people
have made wormwood available to homebrewers.  They also provide Sweet
Gale (another gruit ingredient, if I'm not mistaken).

Based upon my reading of Cindy Renfrow's excellent "A Sip in Time,"
wormwood is really nasty stuff and sweet gale can cause spontaneous
abortions.  I suggest avoiding these in your beer.

Just because it's natural, doesn't mean it's safe... don't forget that!


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