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Melanie Wilson MelanieWilson at compuserve.com
Thu Jul 22 07:16:38 PDT 1999

>I don't know anything of the history, but a French friend of mine makes 
calvados that is more flammable than petrol (as tested when lighting a 
campfire!!). Good stuff. 

Well I've never set fire to good calvados I must confess(a bit off for say
15 or 20 yo to set fire to it). But I buy it whever I go over to that part
of France.

>I would point out that cider and apple wine are two totally different
with different processes and different flavours.I don't know if you are in
the US and hence mean apple juice when you say 'cider', or were saying that
historical cider was more like wine.

I'm in the UK. When I say cider I mean the stuff with apple juice and water
sold in brands such as Strongbow (which mat well mean nothing to you in the

When I say Cyder I mean the fermented juice of the apple with little or no
addition of water.

Cider is the version given to the workers, whereas cyder is the gentlemans
dribk often in past times comparable to imported wines(and eventually
replaced by them)

I don't mean any kind of unfermented apple juice when I say cider if that
is what you mean ?

Hope that's clearer. It gets So confusing when you mix historical
terminolgy with the differences in UK & US English.


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