hist-brewing: Bee hive

Mon Jul 19 11:53:33 PDT 1999

Greetings all,

In line with our recent discussion of using honey comb and hives to
brew, I just happened to find one, well, sort of.  While mowing my lawn
this weekend I was attacked by yellow jackets.  Since they declared war
and wanted to fight me for my established terretory (their nest lay in
under my front lawn), I returned their call to battle.  The battle was
ferocious and I took a few injuries, but victory was mine.  A well placed
flag stone blocked their rapid retreat and a few hours under the hose
finished them off.  Dont get me wrong, I mourn their losses, but I had to
protect my lady (very alergic), my dog, and neighborhood kids.  

Anyway, I know nothing at all about beekeeping, but I do know yellow
jackets are wasps.  So, do they produce honey?  Would the flooding
have ruined it?  Is it worth my time to dig up the hive?  Do I have any clue
what I am talking about?


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