hist-brewing: Introductions?

Magdalena da Cadamosto brambleberry at hotmail.com
Fri Jul 16 13:58:50 PDT 1999

>>I know this is a small list but since we are geographically dispersed
perhaps we could all introduce ourselves.  Besides, we need to generate some
traffic on the list.  I'll start.

I am Ldy Magdalena da Cadamosto of Portugal.  As is the duty and privilege 
of every noble lady, I have been instructed in the arts of the still-room by 
my lady-mother and my nurse.  I too currently reside in the kingdom of 
Ansteorra.  I will shortly be moving north to the canton of Glaslyn, also in 
Ansteorra.  It is my pleasure to make your acquaintance.

Christina Biles is looking forward to going to grad school in library 
science this fall and having enough space to brew to her heart's content.  I 
primarily focus on drinkable wines, over period ones, but my goal is to 
combine both on a regular basis. ;>

>>>  He is looking forward to getting back into the SCA and to devoting 
>>>almost all
of his brewing related time to SCA brewing concerns and period recipes and

Come join us!!!!   We could use more brewers in-kingdom.  In fact, everyone 
should brew. ;>  Did you know that Kingdom Arts & Sciences will be held in 
your area this November?  Contact me privately if you need/want 
introductions to some of the people in Stargate.

Check out http://southern.ansteorra.org/bvc/
You'll find a number of us in the directory, or hanging out on the bvc list. 


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