hist-brewing: Introductions?

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Fri Jul 16 13:14:07 PDT 1999

I know this is a small list but since we are geographically dispersed
perhaps we could all introduce ourselves.  Besides, we need to generate some
traffic on the list.  I'll start.

I am Ld Eadric Anstapa.  A travelling Anglo Saxon from eleventh century
England.  I currently reside in the Kingdom or Ansteorra, Barony of
Stargate, Canton of Gates Edge.  I have been removed from our Society for
about the past 7 years but originally was introduced in AS XVII.

Scott Mills has been too busy the past 7 years and moved to frequently to
play much SCA.  During that time a large majority of his leisure time was
spent brewing and on related activities.  He has served has president of a
local homebrew club in Colorado for 2 years, and organized several large
brewing competitions.  Other notable brewing related activities during the
past few years include working at 4 of the Great American Beer Festivals and
one World Beer Cup in the Professional Panel Blind Tasting (the judging
sessions), judging at many AHA/BJCP competitions, and winning many awards
for his beers and meads including awards at the Ambrosia Adventure, Mazer
Cup, and two AHA National Gold Medals.  One AHA gold was for a traditional
mead, the other for a Herb and Spice beer (actually it was a braggott).

Now he is happy to have moved back to his home state of Texas and to finally
have some free time and a job that won't force him to travel so often.  He
is looking forward to getting back into the SCA and to devoting almost all
of his brewing related time to SCA brewing concerns and period recipes and

Who else it out there?


Ld Eadric Anstapa

Scott Mills
Engineering Problem Management
Industry Standard Server Division
Scott.Mills at compaq.com
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