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<<   Please excuse the stupid question, but I'm a newbie to this list, and a 
 somewhat new brewer.(have brewed some meads and May wines and cysers.)  I 
 bough a "Beer kit" from a local brew shop, wanting to use it as a learner 
 project, some moths ago.  Well, life happens, and I just got around to it 
 other day.  It had been stored on top of the refrigerator, and when I took 
 it down to use. I found that the bottom of the can had bulged out.  Is this 
 usable now?  I know that bulging cans of food are to be thrown out, but know 
 nothing of beer kits, this being my first.
 Lady Katherine McGuire
 Barony of Califia  >>

	The top of the refrigerator is generally a very warm place, so 
it may just be normal expansion of the extract inside the can, but
I'd be nervous, as you are.
	The heat may also have damaged the dry yeast packet that 
came with your Beerkit.
	Anybody out there know if [worst case] botulism toxin is 
denatured by boiling?
	In Joy and Service,

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