hist-brewing: contaminated beer

Jim Liddil jliddil at vms.arizona.edu
Wed Jul 14 04:10:19 PDT 1999

>> But are you saying this cross contamination is dangerous, toxic, or
>> anything ? or just undersirable to the modern palate ?
> Just undesirable to the narrow-minded beer drinker.  Lambic lovers seek
> out the most traditional beers, some of which can be intensely sour.
> There was an article in Brewing Techniques a few years ago on Old Ales.

the url is brewingtechniques.com.  One beer that comes to mind is Gales
prize old ale that seems to be pretty widely available and has that certain
sourness/brett character.  Other info on lambics can be found at
liddil.com.  Also note that the yeast/bacteria photomicrographs are from
english cider vats.  I think discussions here sometimes lose site of the
fact that in the past all fermentations were done in vessels that were not
easily sanitized.  I feel that based on various things I have read that
unless drank fresh many beverages were probably more like Gales.

Jim Liddil

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