hist-brewing: brewers and sanitation

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Tue Jul 13 11:07:29 PDT 1999

Ooops... I just re-read what I posted and see that I'm jumping
around between Lambics and Old Ales.  I don't mean to imply that
they are related in any way, just two beers that support my
contention that historical beers were virutally all somewhat sour.

While you're looking around at the Brewing Techniques website,
see if you can find any of the articles on Lambic.  There have
been quite a few.  One by Martin Lodahl gives very detailed
procedures on making what's called "a turbid mash" which is very
likely to be similar to what historical brewers all over Europe
made throughout the centuries.


Al Korzonas, Lockport, IL
korz at brewinfo.org

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