hist-brewing: Fermentation Speed

PBLoomis at aol.com PBLoomis at aol.com
Mon Jul 12 10:35:30 PDT 1999

In a message dated 7/8/99 2:03:36 PM EST, mastergoodwine at juno.com writes:

<< Measuring fermentation speed by airlock bubbles is not a good way.   
 < snip >
 A better way is to take hydrometer measurements at standardized times
 during the fermentation and evaluate SG or brix drops over a given time
	I guess the reason I avoid hydrometer readings is that it is what
the medical community calls an invasive procedure: you have to 
penetrate the integument of the process.  While I recognize that ground
truth is more accurate, I much prefer remote sensing.

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