hist-brewing: Fermentation Speed

Jerry J Harder mastergoodwine at juno.com
Thu Jul 8 12:01:10 PDT 1999

Fermentation can be effected by quite a number of things not limited to:

Type of yeast
Amount of nutrients
Type of nutrients
Number of active cells per unit volume of must.
Type of honey ( closely tied to quality and type of nutrients in honey)
Honey concentration ( More honey does not always go faster Example: 2
side by side batches I have currently going made of exactly the same
honey with 2 grams fermade nutrient per gallon. One, beginning SG 1.124
dropped  .034 points SG in 8 days but The other, with beginning SG 1.094
dropped .050 points in 8 days.

All of these would effect quality in some fashion.  Until careful
experimentation is done changing only one variable at a time we will not
be able to make any conclusions worth the time we spend lip flapping ...
or in this case typing

Measuring fermentation speed by airlock bubbles is not a good way.  It
depends on:

Type of airlock
Quantity of Liquid fermented
Density and viscousity of fluid in airlock
How full the air loch is
Atmospheric pressure and altitude outside the airlock The quality of the
seal of the cork and air lock

A better way is to take hydrometer measurements at standardized times
during the fermentation and evaluate SG or brix drops over a given time

There are still inaccuracies because of saturated levels of CO@ but far

Master Gerald Goodwine

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