hist-brewing: Fermax, chemical composition

brokk h940114 at stud.kol.su.se
Thu Jul 8 00:22:40 PDT 1999


> What is Fermax ? Chemically ?
> Mel

I guess Fermax is just like any other yeast nutrient available so that would
basically make it
a nitrogen source for the yeast cells, mainly in the form of saltpeter (nitrate
salts, there are several varieties, Norway saltpeter, Chile saltpeter etc.  IIRC
potassium and/or sodium are the most commonly used anions used in the salts).
That would pretty much be it since yeast cells do not use oxygen for the
conversion of sugars into alcohol and carbon dioxide or require any vitamins to
sustain themselves.

Try comparing the taste of Fermax/any yeast nutrient to that of saltpeter and
you'll find them very similar, some saltpeter brands (those used for baking
cookies)are mixed with NaCl 50/50 when you buy them though and I don't think
yeast nutrients contain much if any NaCl since clorides in your brew can produce
some really nasty off tastes so I can't see why one would want to add insult to
injury by adding it to your nutrient.

Angus MacIomhair.

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