hist-brewing: Slow Ferment, what is fast, and nutrients -Reply

Melanie Wilson MelanieWilson at compuserve.com
Wed Jul 7 14:33:09 PDT 1999

>Owen pointed out in a private email that most of the honey we get is
more processed then in period (pre 1600). 

How is honey processed (yes another dumb question from me as I get honey
from my friend down the road, straight out the hive !)

> This is probably very true, so
my thinking is adding a bit of pollen would make the honey closer to
period.  Also, people use pollen as a dietary supplement in place of
vitamins, so it sounds like a very good yeast nutrient, unless it has a
constituent that may be unhealthy to the yeast.

There is also propolyis (sp?) and other ingredients that contribute to
honey & its procucts.

Pollen is not a vitamin supplement, but can aid in certain disorders,
propolysis is like bee cure all it stimulates the immune system, it is very
expensive to buy, but does work well.

Can you get honey direct from a producer at all there ?

I used to keep bees once, & I'm sure you are right in that something is
done to shop bought honey as it never crystilised the way it should.


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