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 Hello all,
     I am new to this list and I'm not quite sure how to use this form.  My Name is Ninkasi (the one that brews)  mka Judy.    I am a wine and beer Judge.  I have also won many gold medals, blue ribbons and trophys for my meads.  So I just figured I put my 2 cents in.  Temperature has alot to do with how fast your mead will ferment.   At hot temps it ferments fast.  Cold temps it ferments slow.  sometimes to cold of a temp will stop the fermentation,  I know I've done it. colder temps also take much longer to ferment.  Hot temps on the other hand will ferment real fast.  I"ve learned over the 20 something years that I've been making wine and meads you don't want a high temp, it gives the mead a funny taste to it. Almost a sherry taste. Also yeast does make the diffrence.  Wild yeast you take a chance of a vinegar spore taking over, bread yeast will ferment but you don't get a good alchohol content and it will cloud up your mead and will have a yeasty taste to it and it will be sweet.  beer yeast, well it only ferments to about 9% before the alcohol will kill off the yeast.  Wine yeast will ferment your mead dry up to 20%  of course you can't preserve a 9% as long as a 20% mead.   I also believe mead had a lower alcohol content and was sweeter in the 1500,  Lack of specialized yeast. They used bread yeast and also wild yeast.  I hope this has helped some.

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